Hey, I’m Laia! .

Born in the late 90s. From Catalonia. 24/7 student. Middle sibling. Early bird. Photography as a passion. Laia Journal. Flowers. Coffee addict. Organized. Sundays at home. Multitasking. Big Little Lies. Cheerful. Non-stop. A journal. Indie. Netflix & HBO. Writing. A tone of notebooks. Cheerful. Mountain Always. Spring & Autum. Honesty. Cigarrettes After Sex. Smell of a Backery. Friday pizza night. Persitent. Vintage. Driving alone. Hot chocolate. Never enough stationery. Respect. Creativity. The Handmaid’s Tale. My washi collection. Evolution. A hello. Total black. Inspire and being inspired. Winter sweaters. A good book. Hot shower. Not without a lipstick. Michael Kiwanuka. Paella. Warm hughs. Advertising. Countryside. Sushi hater. Rainy days at home. Art journals. Sunsets. Game of Thrones marathon. Scrapbooking. Walk barefoot. Teamwork. Cold Little Heart. My family. Take a break. Green scenery. Hand typed letters.

Laia Journal is art journals, snail mail, brush lettering, scrapbook and handmade projects .

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