Hello again! Last week I showed you a DIY through Instagram and I’m so grateful for the reponse it had. I decided to write all the information here, so it will be comfortable for you in case you want to check it.

This DIY is about stamps. When I started creating my first scrapbooking art works, I bought two packs of clear stamps. I’ve been using them for about 4 years, and now they don’t stick any more into an acrylic block. I didn’t want to throw them away, so I decided to convert these clear stamps into wooden ones.

I love wooden stamps, for me, they’re comfortable, easy to use and more beautiful, so… I decided to give another life to these old clear stamps.


  • Old clear stamps
  • Raw MDF Board (Mines was 80cm x 40cm x 16cm).
  • Ink Pad (I’ve used the Versamagic one)
  • Sanding Paper
  • A saw or an electric jig saw
  • Glue (I’ve used Loctite Super Glue 3)
  • Double sided tape
  • An acrylic block
  • A pencil and a rubber
  • A ruler (Preferably of 30cm)


The first step is to buy a wooden board. The ones that I’ve used is a Raw MDF Board, and the size is: 80cm x 40 cm x 16cm (31.5in x 15.75in x 6.3in) The price was 5,49€ and you can buy it on a DIY shop.

When you’ve bought it, you have to divide this board into different pieces, depending on the size of each stamp. I would recommend you to leave a 0,5cm (0.19 in) marge on each piece. Use a pencil, so it will be easier to erase the lines once you’ve cut them. This is how your board should look:

Once you’ve divided the board, you have to cut it in different pieces. I’ve used an electric jig saw as it’s more comfortable, but you can use it the tool you’ve in your house. Just a little reminder: Don’t have to be perfect. I mean, mines are not perfect, it’s a handmade project, so little imperfections are what make these pieces unique. Once you’ve cut the board, I recommend you to sandblast all the pieces.

As a way to keep all these wooden stamps organized, I decided to stamp each design on the top of the wooden piece. Main problem? My clear stamps don’t stick to an acrylic block, so I’ve used a double sided tape, that I’ve sticked on the acrylic block. Now, you can put your clear stamps on it and stamp the top side of the wood. (In my case, I’ve used an old acrylic block, as you can see haha).

To stamp each design, I recommend you to buy a ink that is appropriated for wood. In my case, I bought a black Versamagic ink pad. I’ve found them on Amazon, but you can buy it on other shops. Here you have some pics of how the top side of the wooden stamp turned out:

Now it’s time to stick the stamp into the wooden piece. I’ve used a transparent glue (Loctite Super Glue 3), you can find them in supermarkets, DIY shops,… it’s easy to find it! Don’t put too much glue on the stamp, just a little bit.

Et… voilà! Your handmade wooden stamps are ready to use! I love how this project turned out, and it’s a simple and inexpensive way to reuse all your stamps, I highly recommend you to try it!

Hope you like it! Here you have some pictures of the final result.

See you soon,


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