Hello everyone! It’s back to school time, and maybe it’s time to purchase new stationery as well (we will never have enough stationery ;)) So, Arteza team has sent me these dual tipped markers, called TwiMarkers, to test them and use on my daily life.


  • Product: Sketch TwiMarkers, Dual Tipped
  • Includes: 48 dual tipped pens (brush tip and 0.4mm tip)
  • Brand: Arteza
  • Price: $33.89
  • Find them here
  • Water-based: you can use them as watercolors.

To make this review a little bit organized, I’ve decided to talk about the key points of these markers, and what I think you should know. So, we’re going to talk about the dual tip, I’m going to show you all the swatches and then my thoughts about TwiMarkers.


I think this is one of the key points of these pens: having a dual tip. This means you have two pens in only one, which is more comfortable for you, as you don’t have to bring with you a fineliner and a brush pen.

What surprises me is that TwiMarkers instead of having a bullet tip (which in my case, I never use it), it has a 0.4 mm fine tip. So, if you are used to write on your journals using fineliners, this is one of the best options in the market.

Here you have a picture showing both tips and how they work:

Dual tipped marker – Fine tip and brush tip


Here you have a non-edited picture so you can appreciate the tonalities of all these brush pens. I’ve also recorded a mini video while I was doing these swatches, so you can appreciate how they work.

All the colors included on this set (48 pens)
Unedited picture


They have a huge range of colors, which allows you to create your own color palettes. I mean, if you want to create a spread of pastel colours, you have them; but if instead you prefer bright colours, you also have them on this set. And, if you need more, there’s a set of 100 markers, this is crazy!!

There’re some colors that are neon, so you can use them as a highlighters. The number references of the markers are:

  • Neon yellow A130
  • Neon pink A211
  • Neon orange A136
  • Neon green A131
    *Unedited picture

And something so important! This set costs $33.98 (but I think now is on sale and costs $28.81), this means each marker costs around $0.70. I mean, omg! This price is amazing for the amount of features they have (dual tip, water-based, highlighters…).

Another pro is that its packaging is transparent, so you can find the color you’re searching for easier. They weigh is almost nothing and the size (15,15 cm) is perfect to fit in your pencil case.

About the paper you should use, I’ve tried them on 90gsm, 100gsm and 120gsm and they don’t bleed through the paper.

So, definitely these’re a must have in your back to school! I have been really surprised by the quality of the markers and I think these are one of the cheapest options. I highly recommend them.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them. Hope this could be useful for you,

Good luck in your back to school.


  1. I love this so much. I’ve never heard of these markers but they look amazing. I kind of wish I wouldn’t have come across this blog because now I’m gonna have to buy them!!! I do have a few questions though: What did you mean by using them for watercolors? Like since they’re water based they are like watercolor pens? and also, how much do you like the strength of the brush pen? Do you wish they were harder or softer? or do they write pretty good? I’m asking because I’m pretty sure I am going to buy them.

    Anyways, sorry for the essay but I just had a few questions. I’m excited to check out some of your other posts as well!! -McKayla 🙂


    1. Hi sweetie!! I’m sure that if you bought them, you won’t regret it!

      About your questions:
      -They can be used as watercolors, because of their water-based ink. Which means that, if you use the right paper, you can first write/draw something with this pen and then, if you use a paint brush and add water you can achieve a watercolor effect! That’s a good alternative for those moments you don’t have your watercolor palette with you.

      -About the strenght of the brush pens, personally I think it’s perfect. It allows you to lettering in different sizes. The maximum stroke of the brush pen measures 0.7 cm (not as big as tombow). You have to think why are you going to use them. In my case, I mainly use these pens for my journal, so they are perfect. And the brush tip is so soft and easy to write!

      Hope this could help you! If you have furhter questions, don’t hesitate to ask them to me.

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