“Sunday Reveries” is a new section on Laia Journal, where every Sunday you could download a free printable file full of inspirational quotes and pictures. The main goal is to use them on our art journals, diaries or bullet journals, and to start the week with a feeling of motivation.

Revery: A state of having pleasant dream-like thouGhts.

Sunday Reveries is a weekly printable document full of quotes and inspirational pictures to use as a way to decorate your journal pages.

If you upload something on your Instagram using the “Sunday Reveries”, don’t forget to add the hashtag #SundayReveries.

*Sunday Reveries contains pictures from other creators besides me. On the bottom of the document you will find the credits to the artist.

how to download sunday reveries?

  • Visit
  • At the top of the screen you will find the Menu.
  • Click “Sunday Reveries”
  • Choose which edition of Sunday Reveries you want to download (001, 002…)
  • Click on the button, and ready to print!

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