Hello! How are you? Some weeks ago I received the Metallic Gouache Paint set from Arteza, and after testing them for almost a month, I’ve decided to write this review in case you’re interested!

Metallic Gouache Paints from Arteza (Set of 12)


  • Product: Metallic Gouache Paint Set
  • Includes: 12 paints of metallic gouache (12ml each one)
  • Brand: Arteza
  • Price: £20.99
  • Find them here
Metallic Gouache Set of 12 paints from Arteza


Here you have some non edited pictures, so you can see the colours clearly. I’ve to say that I’ve been highly surprised by its pigment and the beautiful colours.

-A521 (Gold)
-A252 (Silver)
-A253 (Bronze)
-A214 (Pearl Orange)
-A216 (Pearl Bubblegum)
-A209 (Pearl Scarlet)
-A218 (Pearl Purple Iris)
-A203 (Pearl Aqua Blue)
-A292 (Pearl Emerald Green)
-A287 (Pearl Eucalyptus)
-A281 (Pearl Noir)
-A208 (Pearl White Rose)


The colors are so beautiful and shimmery, especially the gold (A251), the bronze (A253) and the Pearl Eucalyptus (A287). You can combine them in case you are looking for new tonalities, but for a beginner, I think this color palette is enough. As an advice, if you are used to work with many other colours, I would recommend you to purchase another set, because maybe this one falls short. This is the only metallic set they have, but you can buy the normal gouache paints (there’re sets of 24 and 60 paints).

The colors are opaque and don’t change once it dries, which is so important! You should also have in mind that, the more water you add, the less opaque will be, so you can use more or less water depending on the texture you want to get.

Talking about the papers, I’ve been trying them on white and black paper, and as you can see they work perfectly on both papers, so you can use them depending on what you are creating, which gives you more opportunities.

I highly recommend you to use this product in an appropriated paper, preferably one with more than 300gsm approximately. If you don’t use this kind of sheets, it may get wrinkled, and it will be difficult to mix colors.

Here you can see an artwork that I’ve created using these products: Pearl Scarlet, Pearls Bubblegum and Pearl Eucalyptus. Hope you can give them a try, because they’re so good as an alternative to watercolours.

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