Hello!! As you probably know, I buy most of my stationery (stickers, washitapes, wax seals, wooden stamps,…) in Aliexpress. There’re hundred of shops full of beautiful things for my art journal and my penpal letters.

I’ve been purchasing there for more than two years, and I’ve never had any problem. The sellers have always been so nice, and I’ve received all the products in good conditions. I also have to say that purchasing stationery stuff here is cheaper than in Amazon. 

Here you will find some of my favourite shops and some tips to buy there!


Sometimes is difficult to find sellers and shops in Aliexpress. If you want to find these shops, search on Google the name of the shop + Aliexpress, and it will appear you the link. E.g.: House of Novelty Aliexpress

Washi Tapes
-House of Novelty
Washi DiyTape Store
-Twiter’s School
-He Dao Official Store
-Mohamm Store
-Tenfon Official Store
-China Wholesale Washi Tape Store
-Ayron Originality Stationery Store
-Stardust School Store
-The Starry Sky Stationery
Stamps and waxseals
-Happiness e Households Decoration Store
-Toblone Official Store
-Timtop Tool Store
-Miracle World Store
Paper pads, postcards and tags
-Miracle World Store
-KDXJB Store
-Peacock Fashion Store
-Tenfon Official Store
-Best Greeting Store
KSCRAFT Lovers Store
-The Starry Sky Stationery
Mohamm store
-Twiter’s School
-House of Novelty
-He Dao Official Store
-Happy Time Stock
-Lazy Century Store
-QIFU Official Store
-LonelyEyes Official Store
-House of Novelty
-Our Stationery Store


It’s one of the most important steps if you want to save money. First of all you should take in your mind that orders in Aliexpress are not as fast as Amazon’s ones. I always choose products that arrive between 14-18 days.

If you want a tracking number, you should have to choose the shipping option that includes it. In my case, I always choose the “Aliexpress Saver Shipping” or the “Aliexpress Standard Shipping”. Both give you a tracking number and they send you an email when the order reaches a new place.

If you choose one of these options, it takes about 14-18 days to receive the product. Notice that this depends on where do you live.

Another tip that you have to take in mind if you want to save money, is that, if you choose more than 1 product in the same seller/shop, you will only have to pay the shipping costs once. So, I always recommend you to find products that you like in the same seller, rather than choosing different ones.

Shipping options


  • If you buy more than one item in the same seller, you will only have to pay the shipping cost once.
  • Pay through PayPal, it will be more secure than other payment options
  • Read the reviews of the product before purchasing them
  • Write reviews on your product, so you can help other buyers
  • If your order doesn’t arrive on time, open a dispute and submit a refund request as soon as possible.
  • Do not confirm delivery before receiving the order
  • Choose sellers that have a good track record of sales
  • Take advantage on Aliexpress Sales Days like (11th of November, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Saint Valentine’s Day,…)

Hope all these tips could be useful for you! See you soon.



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